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How ESD Affects USB, Flash Drives and Computers

ESD damage to your custom USB drives or ports can cause latency failures that will slow down your data transmission following static shock. Your port or device could also face more severe damage that would essentially fry it and cause it not to work at all. It could also shorten its overall lifespan. ESD can occur under simple circumstances—plugging and unplugging or flipping a nearby switch.

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ESD USB Static Shock Protection There’s a lurking hazard every time you use your computer that you most likely won’t think about until it hits you and your system: electrostatic discharge (ESD).  Another term for static shock, ESD is a current that flows between two objects (one carrying static electricity) that come in contact with each other, causing damage to your electronics.  The friction from static electricity is one source responsible for it.  Electrostatic induction, which redistributes electricity to an object because of charges that are in close proximity is another cause.


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